The World Is Quiet Here

"Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together" -Marilyn Monroe

[S.19.NY. Avatar]

born to die (alone)

We’re born ALONE
Meant to thrive off social interaction,
but capable of feeling lonely amidst a crowd
We’re born ALONE
only we suffer when internally conflicted or confused
We’re born ALONE
No one knows us better than we know ourselves
There are choices only we can make
We’re born ALONE
And learn to depend on others, to feed off compassion

Only to die alone

selfish bitch: an angry rant of sorts

That you could look me in the eyes
And so easily face me
And feed me all those lies
That’s all I remember about you and what we had
No ounce of decency in you
No courtesy of the truth
I found out from my best friend
you know, the one you were with behind my back
I couldn’t even look at you
But from the corner of my eye
I saw the hint of your smirk
Heard the laughter in your voice

A hole.
That’s what I felt in my chest
Betrayal, that’s what you sewed in my heart
Friendship, that’s what you’re after now

And I have no intentions of pursuing any.